So why Wealth Rehab?

Do you remember the time when you didn’t stress about money?  For some, it was high school.  For others, it was way back in elementary school.  Or maybe you always were stressed about money.
We can all agree on one thing: the lack of financial resources has been a source of stress for many in recent years.

We need a strategy to ease the tension.

This site is for those who are interested in getting their financial life together.
At Wealth Rehab you will find a little bit of everything on personal finance. Some of the topics include:
  • Wealth Building
  • Finance 101
  • Biblical Finance
  • Career Development
  • Debt Reduction Strategies


About the Author

My name is Reid and I have been on this journey for a couple years.
At the age of 30 with a wife, 2 toddlers, and $30K in loans paid off in 2 years on a single income, I finally feel like I have something to share.
My hope through this blog is to inspire, encourage and challenge you to begin the journey towards wealth.
Let’s journey together.

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