Top Posts of 2017

Top Posts of 2017

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If you are new here, welcome!


I started this site in February 2017. Almost a year ago I turned 30 and an idea of creating a blog popped into my mind.


Somehow I made it to almost a year without quitting and people are actually reading what I write.


In celebration of the forthcoming new year, here is a list of the top 5 most popular posts on Wealth Rehab.


5. Think like an Entrepreneur Even If You are an Employee


“As an entrepreneur, you make all the decisions and you have your hand in all aspects of the business. If you looked at your career, in the same way, you are essentially the CEO, CFO, and COO of your career.

Have you ever thought about your work in this way?

Furthermore, have you ever thought about creating a business plan for your career?”


4. What’s your liquidity?


“Liquidity is a term that is often thrown around in the financial services industry but is overlooked when it comes to personal finance.  With that being said, I believe that grasping the concept of liquidity will be helpful as you move along your financial journey.


Liquidity is of particular importance in emergency situations.  If you find yourself in a bad spot financially, you need to know what you could sell to get cash fast.  This is plan B if plan A (an emergency fund) doesn’t cover the bill.  Usually, in these type of situations, you don’t have the luxury to wait months to get cash.”


3. Cash Flow: The Metric You Probably Don’t Track


Controlling your cash flow is important.  If your monthly inflow is more than your outflow, then you are consistently building wealth.  But, if the inflow is less than the outflow, you are possibly building your debt load.  Negative cash flow silently eats away at your finances because most people don’t track it.


If you are living close to the financial edge, it is especially important to know your cash flow.  For most people, our bills are usually lumped together.  The example above shows a huge cash outflow at the end of the month while there are inflows in the beginning and middle of the month.  Sometimes people get their bill schedule mixed up.  As result, they will have monthly bills coming due before they get their paycheck for the month.


2. Conquer the 3 C’s of Overspending


I am sure most of us don’t wake up in the morning thinking “I want to spend a ton of money today and destroy my finances.” But our actions communicate that we could care less about our finances.

I have found three common themes in overspending (spoiler alert: they all start with the letter C):

  1. Comfort
  2. Convenience 
  3. Consumerism


1. How to “Make it to the Top” in Your Career, Without Climbing the Corporate Ladder


This post was the post of the year. It was featured on, one of the best personal finance sites on the web.


Chris said that he reached out to a candidate about a new job opportunity. The opportunity was a step up from the candidate’s current role and he had the right skill set and work experience to make the leap.


So it seemed like a no-brainer.


However, the candidate’s response was:


Sorry, but I am not interested. I already made it to the top.


“[This candidate] wasn’t anywhere near the top. He would have needed binoculars to see the top. He wasn’t even a manager yet.” – Chris Anders


Thank You for 2017

Thank you for rocking with me in 2017. I hope to put out more consistent and helpful content in 2018.


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